No change in US hostility to Iran no matter who is in White House: Speaker

Tasnim – It makes no difference to Iran who the next US president will be, as Washington’s hostility towards the Iranian nation is not going to change at all, Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said.

Speaking at a Parliament session on Sunday, Qalibaf pointed to the US government’s deep-rooted hostility towards the Iranian nation regardless of which party is in power.

There will be no shift in the US’ basic policy to harm the Iranian nation, whether Trump is elected the US president or Biden, he added.

Highlighting Iran’s recent political and legal victories over the US, Qalibaf warned that inaction would allow the “cruel enemy” to intensify the pressure of sanctions.

Experience shows that passiveness in the face of the US’ hostile actions would escalate the pressure of sanctions on the livelihood of people, the speaker noted.

He called on the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission to monitor Washington’s unilateral measures following its recent humiliating defeats in the political and legal arenas and devise the necessary retaliatory measures.

In comments in August, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran said the country does not care much about parties and factions in the US, adding, “What we care about is their behavior and the way they interact with us.”