Sacred Defense experiences to facilitate Israel’s collapse: Iran Armed Forces

Tasnim – The Iranian Armed Forces General Staff said the experience of fighting an imposed war in the 1980s have strengthened the country’s defense power and would facilitate dissolution of the Zionist regime.

In a statement released on Saturday to commemorate the Sacred Defense Week, which marks the anniversary of the onset of an Iraqi imposed war on Iran 40 years ago, the Armed Forces General Staff said the spirit of resistance has secured the Islamic Revolution against foreign sanctions and threats.

Iran has achieved a high level of defensive deterrent power, the statement said.

It also hailed the precious experiences of the Sacred Defense as a “strategic need”, saying they would strengthen the nation’s vigilance and resistance in the face of arrogant powers and would facilitate “dissolution of the fake Zionist regime and the hegemony system.”

Every year, in late September, the Iranian Armed Forces attend parades to honor the Sacred Defense Week in remembrance of the martyrs in the eight-year war imposed by Iraq in the 1980s.