Iran’s Navy fires coast-to-sea missile in war game

Tasnim – The Iranian Navy fired homegrown ‘Qader’ cruise missiles to hit naval targets at a large-scale military exercise underway in Iran’s southeastern waters.

The main stage of the military drill, codenamed Zolfaqar-99, included the launch of Qader coast-to-sea missiles.

A spokesperson for the war game said the cruise missiles, launched from the onshore sites, have detonated the naval targets at a distance of 200 kilometers.

The Iranian Navy’s cruise missiles have effective warheads with great explosive power and can be used for electronic warfare, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said.

He also noted that the Navy has deployed coast-to-sea missile systems all along the southern coasts.

The main stages of the military exercise is attended by units of the Navy, Air Force, and Army Ground Forces and carried out in an area of two million square kilometers in the eastern waters of the Strait of Hormuz, Makran coast, Oman Sea and North Indian Ocean.

Warships, submarines, aircraft and some equipment and weapons belonging to the Army Combat Organization have been employed in this exercise.

The homegrown submarine Fateh and Simorgh drone are among the main equipment being used in the exercise.