Zarif hails Iran- Turkey ‘productive’ high-level cooperation council meeting

Iranian Diplomacy – “Productive 6th Iran-Turkey High-Level Cooperation Council co-chaired by Presidents @HassanRouhani/@RTErdogan today via video link,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.

“Presidents & several ministers coordinated bilateral, regional & international cooperation – incl on trade, banking, health & regional developments,” he added.

Addressing the virtual meeting, President Rouhani said Iran and Turkey have no choice but to boost cooperation to thwart enemy conspiracies.

He added, “Iran and Turkey, as two great regional powers, have always been exposed to animosity and malice, and there is no other way but to reinforce friendly ties to overcome these conspiracies.”

According to President Rouhani, relations between Iran and Turkey have been based on “solid foundations” and “bitter and unfortunate incidents” have not affected bilateral ties throughout history.

He noted that relations between the two countries are based on “good neighborliness and common interests” and aimed at maintaining “stability, security and peace in the region.”

Erdogan said holding the meeting via videoconference during the coronavirus pandemic shows the determination of the two countries to foster further relations and cooperation.

He said Iran and Turkey play a “decisive role” in resolving regional issues.

Source:Iran daily