Swiss FM highlights positive outcome of his visit to Tehran

IRNA – Swiss Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis in a statement which was published by Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs has drawn a positive assessment of his visit to Tehran.

“Regional stability in the Middle East is a priority for Swiss foreign policy. Mr Cassis reaffirmed Switzerland’s readiness to continue to promote and facilitate constructive dialogue between the countries of the region. At the same time, he called on Iran to comply with the nuclear deal,” the stament reads.

According to Swiss MFA statement, “Mr Cassis, Mr Rouhani and Mr Zarif also discussed the progress made towards implementing the bilateral roadmap agreed in 2016 covering, among other matters, trade and finance, human rights, and cooperation in the fields of science, the environment, health, intellectual property and nuclear safety.”

“Mr Cassis cited the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement as a good example of Swiss-Iranian cooperation. “With the payment mechanism for the export of medicine and food, we are not only supporting Swiss companies, but also the people of Iran, which is currently subject to US sanctions,” noted Cassis.