Senior cleric condemns blasphemy against Quran, Prophet

MNA – Secretary of Iran’s Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati strongly deplored the recent Islamophobiac movements, calling on the Muslim World to counter such measures.

Ayatollah Jannati issued a statement on Sunday, urging the Islamic governments and international bodies to condemn the blasphemous actions and adopt appropriate response in a bid to prevent the repetition of such cases.

Noting that insulting Islamic is, in fact, an insulting the all the divine religions, the senior cleric called on the leaders of Western societies to take a serious stand against this kind of extremism and violent and racist acts, “to at least save their own face.”

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has republished offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (S) that stirred outrage in the Muslim world when they were first published in 2015. The special issue was released on Wednesday, on the eve of the trial of suspects in a deadly attack on the paper’s office five years ago.

During an illegal gathering on Friday, supporters of right-wing Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, who leads the anti-Islamic group Tight Direction (Stram Kurs), burned a copy of Holy Qur’an in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.

The blasphemies have led to widespread outcries among the Muslim nations.

Another senior Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Fazel Lankarani, has called on the government, especially the Foreign Ministry, to take the strongest actions against Insulting the Holy Quran in Sweden.

“The very tragic incident of insulting the Holy Quran and the sanctities of Muslims that occurred in Sweden has saddened the hearts of Muslims and followers of all heavenly religions.”

He added, “The Swedish government must know that this incident has angered all the freedom-seeking people and Muslims. Prophet of Islam is the identity of all the Muslims and insulting him is violating the rights of one billion people.

The senior cleric expressed regret to see the silence of Islamic countries which indicates their disbelief in the Holy Quran.