No pilgrims allowed to enter Karbala on Arbaeen, Iran’s envoy says

IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi announced on Monday that Iraq does not allow foreign pilgrims, including Iranians, to enter Iraq to perform the Arbaeen rituals.

Referring to the interview with the governor of Karbala, Nassif al-Khattabi which was published online by some media, Masjedi said that Iraqi official’s words have been misunderstood.

He added that al-Khattabi hoped that after coronavirus eradication, all the lovers of Imam Hussein (AS) and Arbaeen could visit the Shiite holy sites in Iraq.

Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad emphasized that the Central Government of Iraq has informed him that it will not allow Arbaeen pilgrims from Iran and other foreign countries in any way in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic; this means that the following Arbaeen and the arrival of foreign pilgrims in Iraq have been closed.

The Iraqi government has announced the decision for a long time and it will not allow foreign pilgrims to enter the country in any way, he noted.

He went on to say that Iran has been following the situation of Arbaeen in consultations and holding various meetings with Iraqi officials for months, and even if the governor or local official raises an issue, it is not documented and will not be applicable in any way.