Iran adopting anti-terrorism as its ultimate strategy

MNA – A senior judiciary official said the fight against terrorism is the definitive strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, asserting that the country is seriously seeking to eradicate any types of terrorism.

Speaking in a meeting on the occasion of National Day of Fight against Terrorism, the deputy of international affairs of the Judicial System of Iran and secretary of the High Council for Human Rights, Ali Bagher Khani, criticized American’s policies over violating the human rights of the civilians in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Afghanistan in favor of their own interests.

Terrorism, as a strategic tool, is one of the major pillars of the foreign policy of the US regime, he said and added, “In order to reach its illegal goals and interests, United States use this strategic tool through harboring terrorist groups and even committing terrorist acts.”

Bagheri added, “Using its Terrorism Strategy, the US accuses the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement or the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as terrorists due to their opposition against the illegitimate interests of the United States.”

Creating a terrorist group like al-Qaeda, or removing the name of a terrorist group like MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) from the list of terrorist groups as well as harboring them and providing them with safety, are different terrorism strategies of the Western countries, he stressed.

Referring justice, human dignity, and human rights as the pillars of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bagheri asserted, “As the fight against terrorism is the definitive strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country is seriously seeking to eradicate any types of the terrorism and so far it has been successful in this regard.”