President Rouhani: Developing strategic ties with neighbors tops Iran’s agenda

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are on the development of strategies relations with neighbors, particularly in the commercial and economic fields.

The Iranian president made the remarks in the second meeting on expanding relations with the neighboring countries on Monday.

President Rouhani emphasized that the historical and cultural ties of the regional nations are a strong basis for developing and promoting cooperation with neighboring countries and consequently, providing the common interests of the nations and governments of the region.

He said that Strengthening and expanding economic cooperation with neighboring countries could play a pivotal role in passing through problems.

Diplomacy is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all ministries have the opportunity to communicate and exchange with foreign countries in the field of foreign relations, besides, they should use all capacities, President Rouhani added.

He went on to say that “we must work with all our brothers in the region and neighbors of Iran with sincerity to develop the entire region. A cohesive and shared economy in the region will help ensure peace and security.”

The Iranian president reiterated that the strengthening of relations between the nations of the region and the development of tourism, joint ventures, and the expansion of banking and financial cooperation between the neighbors is an important and valuable step towards further reinvigorating relations more than before.