Envoy: Iran respects Iraq’s interests more than any other third country

IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi renewed Iran’s support for Baghdad.

“Iran and Iraq, as two historic neighbors, have many things in common that have intertwined their destiny,” Masjedi said on Saturday.

“We are neighbors forever, so no country wants the welfare and prosperity of Iraqi people more than we do,” the Iranian ambassador added.

Masjedi reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the presence of the US forces in every part of the world will only result in further insecurity there and the growth of terrorism, as well as a colonialist approach.

He said the relationship between Iran and Iraq also involves a wide variety of economic, cultural and educational issues.

“Iran has been exporting electricity to Iraq for over a decade and that Iran is working on building the largest Iraqi power plant in Rumaila in the southern province of Basra,” Masjedi added.