Pakistan PM calls for further strengthening of ties with Iran

IRNA — Prime Minister of Pakistan, referring to ties with other states especially the neighbors, said we have good relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran as compared to past and they need to be further strengthened.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistani Urdu channel ‘ARY News’ Imran Khan said further development of Pakistan’s relations with Iran as a neighboring country is inevitable.

“Pakistan’s current relations with Iran are at a very good level as compared to the past,” he said.

Expressing his views about Pakistan’s relations with other countries in the region, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Imran Khan said Islamabad was determined to play a role for de-escalation of tensions between key countries in the region.

**PM praises urban management system in Iran despite sanctions

The Prime Minister praised the advanced urban management system in Iran, especially Tehran, despite the sanctions, which has set an example for Pakistan and other states.

He noted that Tehran has become a modern city and is generating revenue of US $ 500 million.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan advised the host of ARY network to visit Tehran to see how much effective is the urban management of this modern city .

He added that such model should be used to address the situation in Pakistan’s big cities such as Karachi and Lahore.