Gas trade with Turkmenistan on NIGC agenda: CEO

SHANA – The CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said: “Now we do not need to balance our network with Turkmen gas, but we consider gas trade with Turkmenistan and other neighboring countries.”

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Hassan Montazer Torbati said Iran’s gas industry is currently at its peak, given the country’s huge gas reserves, “we have witnessed favorable events in increasing gas production in recent years; and production has increased in South Pars.”

He said NIGC had built over 5,000 kilometers of pipelines in the last seven years, which has provided a rich infrastructure for gas distribution throughout the country.

He said there is enough capacity for gas swap with Iran’s neighbors, adding, “Currently some companies are still looking for gas swaps to be able to bring gas from Turkmenistan. The issue of gas exports to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey is also on the table. We have prepared the ground and fortunately there is enough capacity for gas swap. This means that we can receive gas in the Northeast and transit and swap it wherever necessary; this infrastructure is now ready.”