Army marks Government Week with issuing a statement

MNA – Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran called on all governmental officials to take revolutionary steps in solving economic problems overshadowing the country.

On the occasion of commemorating the name and memory of martyrs Rajaei and Bahonar and Government Week, Iran’s Army issued a statement on Thursday.

The Government Week is reminiscence of sincerity, perseverance and revolutionary thinking of statesmen who worked hard to serve people of the Islamic Iran and to safeguard sublime values of the Islamic Revolution, reads the statement.

The history of Islamic Iran, which has always been accompanied by the deception of enemies, has shown that unity and amity of government officials, as well as all-out support of the heroic and martyr-fostering nation of Iran, can lead the country towards prosperity, it added

The government of Shahid Rajaee and Shahid Bahonar can be called “revolutionary government” that was at the level of the Islamic Revolution and had the ability to achieve a new Islamic civilization, notes the Army.

At the current situation that US foolish statesmen, by exerting the strategy of maximum pressure and regional conspiracies such as normalizing the Zionist regime’s ties with some countries in the region, are seeking to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region and the international system, Iranian government officials should establish unity and amity with one another to foil conspiracies waged by enemies, adds the statement.

In this way, government officials should take drastic measures to solve economic problems facing all people of the country with their utmost power, it reads.