Trump resorts to threats as way-out for popularity drop: Official

IRNA – Presidential Office chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi wrote in a tweet that US President Donald Trump resorts to threats as way-out for his steep decline of popularity.

The era of unilateralism is over and the international community does not stand US bulling and threats, Vaezi wrote on Friday evening.

He wrote that this US move will fail as well, adding that Washington hasn’t learned from its recent humiliating defeat and threatens the UN Security Council members to accompany it. This is while China, Russia, and the Europe have announced loudly that they oppose US decision to activate the snapback.

Trump is facing a severe drop in approval so he has decided to threaten others and digress minds to escape his current conditions, Vaezi wrote.

Earlier on Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington delivered a letter to the UN Security Council for snapback invocation against Iran to bring back sanctions in 30 days.

Referring to the process of restoration of sanctions against Iran, he added, “We are confident that the trigger mechanism will be implemented against Iran.”

In reference to what he called “a big mistake done by the UN Security Council for not extending the arms embargo”, he said that the US would impose all its sanctions on Iran.

This is while, France, Germany and the United Kingdom (E3) in a statement announced that they will not support the US in snapback invocation against Iran which is incompatible with current efforts to support Iran nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday criticized the US anti-JCPOA measures, saying that the US attempts to trigger snapback of sanctions will fail.

“The US has no right to exploit the United Nations to pursue its own interests and to spread hatred against Iran,” she said.

It is interesting to note that the US letter to the UN Security Council member states says, “Following paragraph 11 of Resolution 2231, I write on behalf of my government that Iran has not fulfilled a significant part of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”, while on May 8, 2018, Trump pulled the US out of the nuclear deal and made a formal statement to that effect.