IAEA chief may visit Iran next week: Russia

IRNA – Permanent Representative of Russia to Vienna-based international organizations wrote in a tweet that the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency “may visit” Iran next week.

Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on Friday evening, “According to knowledgeable mass media the IAEA Director General Mr. Rafael Grossi may visit Iran for the first time as early as next week.”

“If this is true it would be a good opportunity to discuss and settle the problem of IAEA inspectors’ visit to 2 undeclared sites in Iran.”

Iran and the IAEA have good relations and the Agency has visited Iranian nuclear sites more frequently than any other country, the Russian ambassador said.

“However, based on some claims, the IAEA has said that Iran has had nuclear activities in two undeclared areas.”

Last month, the Agency confirmed in its report that it was having inspections but demanded to inspect places in which Iran may have done some small-scale research in early 2000.

This is while Iran has repeatedly announced that the IAEA request is based on the claims of the Zionist regime that is an enemy to Iran.

Grossi has recently said in this regard that the IAEA keeps negotiating with Iran to gain access to the two sites.