Iran’s Rouhani assails UAE-Israeli deal as ‘huge mistake’

Al-Monitor – IRGC goes even further, terming the agreement “the biggest betrayal in history.”

While the deal to normalize ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been celebrated by some analysts and regional and world leaders, it instantly became an issue of concern for the Islamic Republic of Iran, which sees potential danger in an Israeli presence in the Persian Gulf.

Immediately after the announcement that Israel and the UAE have decided to normalize ties and establish commercial and communication links, President Hassan Rouhani criticized the decision. “The Emirates are making a huge mistake and I hope they return from this path,” Rouhani said.

The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, Mohammad Bagheri, also attacked the UAE over the decision, saying that since Egypt and Israel signed a peace deal 42 years ago, Israel’s relations with Muslim countries have not expanded; rather, Israel has become more isolated. Bagheri added, “The Islamic Republic, like other countries and Islamic nations, views this as ‘strategic stupidity’ and ‘dangerous.’” He said this signals “a dangerous future for the Emirates glass palace.”

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