Iran sends back 400 illegal Pakistanis: Report

IRNA — The Islamic Republic of Iran for the third time in recent weeks deported 400 illegal Pakistani immigrants on Monday, local media reported.

According to reports, the number of illegal Pakistani immigrants deported by Iran in recent weeks has reached 600.

The deportees were handed over to the Pakistani authorities at Iran-Pakistan Taftan border post in Balochistan.

After completion of formal procedures, the Pakistani Levies force gave the custody of the illegal immigrants to the Federal Investigation Agency for further investigation.

Earlier on July 20 and August 12, Iranian border guards detained about 400 illegal Pakistani immigrants and then handed them over to the border authorities.

Pakistanis who enter Iran illegally are identified every year by Iranian security forces. Iranian officials usually deport illegal Pakistani immigrants.

Illegal immigration of Pakistani nationals to Iran has always created problems for the two countries, and sometimes many people were killed while crossing borders illegally through dangerous routes or unsafe means.

After entering Iran, these illegal immigrants try to reach the Turkish border and reach Europe through illegal entry into Turkey and then Greece, but in most cases, they are caught by border guards and police on Iranian or Turkish soil.

Iran and Pakistan exercise cooperation to stop the illegal cross-border movements of migrants.