Iran English language newspaper headlines on Monday, 17-8-2020

Iran News Daily


Iran to Shift Stance on UAE

Iran’s highest-ranking military commander unveiled a change in the approach adopted by the Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces on the United Arab Emirates after its ruling regime struck a deal with the Zionist regime on normalization of ties.


Iran to Export Weapons After Sanctions Lift

Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that Islamic Republic of Iran will export weapons and arms after sanctions imposed against the country are lifted.


Trump Must Await Back-to-Back Failures

A senior Iranian official says the UN Security Council’s refusal to adopt a US-drafted proposal to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran was another sign of international opposition to Washington’s unilateralism.


Outrage Grows Over UAE-Israel Normalization of Ties

Anger is boiling in the Middle East and elsewhere over a recent agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to normalize diplomatic relations, with Palestinian leaders describing it as a “stab in the back” by an Arab country.


Iran’s Representative to PUIC Appointed

Majlis Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf appointed Ebrahim Rezaei, Dashtestan MP, as Iran’s representative in the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC).


Beirut Blast “100 Percent Israeli Job”

Iran’s former defense minister and current military advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says the recent deadly explosion in Beirut was “100 percent Israeli job” meant to pit the Lebanese nation against Hezbollah and disarm the resistance movement.


Iran’s Support for Struggles of Palestinian People Continues

In a telephone conversation with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, Iran’s Foreign Minister said Iran’s support for the struggles of Palestinian people and rightful cause continues.


UAE-Israel Shameful Deal to Expedite Zionist Regime’s Termination

Ali Akbar Velayati, an international adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, denounced the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel on the normalization of ties, saying it would only hasten the termination of the Zionist regime.


Vicious Normalization Reveals True Face of UAE Rulers

Majlis Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf said that the vicious project of the normalizing ties with the Israeli regime has revealed the true face of UAE rulers.


Rejection of U.S. Resolution by UNSC Failure of U.S. Unilateralism

First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Saturday that rejection of the US anti-Iran resolution by the UN Security Council indicates failure of its unilateralism, and continuation of the situation could lead to falling apart of its economic terrorism against Iran.



Tehran Times


Iran, Uzbekistan ready to hold joint economic committee meeting next week

Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO)’s Head Hamid Zadboum said that Iran and Uzbekistan are ready
to hold the next meeting of their joint  economic committee next week, TPO website published on Saturday after an
online meeting between Zadboum and an Uzbek official.


Iranian military chief urges UAE to revise ties with Israel

Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri on Sunday urged the United Arab Emirates
to revise its ties with the Zionist regime of Israel as the two sides has reached an agreement to normalize relations.


Iran warns UAE against an Israeli foothold on its doorstep

Iran has strongly criticized the United Arab Emirates for deciding to sign an agreement with Israel to normalize ties with
Tel Aviv.


Freed POWs praise medical staff battling COVID-19

A number of freed prisoners of war (POWs) went to the Khatam al-Anbia specialized hospital in Tehran on Saturday,
appreciating medical staff for their efforts in fight against the coronavirus.


U.S. is aware it cannot trigger snapback mechanism: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that the United States is aware that it cannot
trigger the snapback mechanism which returns international sanctions against Iran at the United Nations.


China welcomes Putin’s proposal for holding Iran summit

Zhao Lijian, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said on Saturday that his country welcomes Russian President
Vladimir Putin’s proposal on holding an online summit over the Iranian nuclear program.


Washington can’t trigger snapback mechanism, says deputy FM for legal affairs

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Mohsen Baharvand has said that Washington cannot
trigger snapback mechanism and return United Nations sanctions on Iran.


Freed POWs show victory of humanity over torture: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that the freed Iranian prisoners of war, known as Azadegan in Farsi, have shown through patience and resistance the victory of humanity and dignity over torture.


Iran to unveil new defense equipment

Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Sunday that Iran will unveil new defense equipment on the National Defense
Industry Day, which falls on August 21.


Trump vows ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed Saturday to use a controversial technique to unilaterally reinstate UN sanctions on Tehran.