Fight against Israel will continue with power: Ghalibaf

MNA – Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that the UAE’s decision to conclude an agreement with the Israeli regime will not stop the fight against Zionism.

“The humiliating compromise of UAE rulers with the criminal Zionist regime is a betrayal to values of humankind, Islamic Ummah, and the Palestinian cause,” Ghalibaf wrote in a tweet in Persian on Friday.

“We warn the current traitors and those who intend to join this plan that the fight against the Zionist regime will continue with power,” he added while also using an Arabic hashtag meaning ‘Normalization_ betrayal’.

Earlier in the day, his advisor Hossein Amir-Abdollahian had condemned the normalization of ties, noting that the agreement will only serve “ongoing Zionists’ crimes” rather than maintaining peace and security.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday announced an agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv in what he called a ‘HUGE breakthrough’. The agreement seeks to normalize ties between the UAE and the Israeli regime.

Iranian Foreign Ministry slammed the agreement as a ‘strategic folly’, warning of the consequences of the measure. Meanwhile, Palestinian groups unanimously condemned the measure, naming it as an act of treason.