Iran oil industry activities continuing strongly despite sanctions: Zangeneh

SHANA – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says Iran’s oil industry activities have been going on strongly in the past two years since the US pulled out of the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions.

Addressing a ceremony to launch gas supply to 77 Iranian villages on Monday, Mr. Zangeneh hailed the amount of Iran’s export of petroleum products, saying gas distribution projects had facilitated exports of petroleum products.

“The amount of the exports of petroleum products in Iran have been unprecedented thanks to gas distribution projects,” he said.

The official further said, “Activities in the oil industry have continued vigorously for more than two years since the sanctions were imposed.”

“We stand firm and buoyant to serve the goal of serving the people,” Zangeneh said. “There are many problems, but we have kept the activities in the oil industry alive during the two years that have passed since the sanctions were imposed.”

He said that now two years and three months have passed since the severe sanctions against Iran were imposed and during this period not only no plans in the oil industry had halted, but “we have also started new plans.”

Zangeneh said that thanks to the increase in gas production and gas supply in the country, the numbers for exporting products are unique, adding: “I cannot announce any figures because of national interests, but the numbers are really unique and have brought income to the country.”