‘Iranian elites abroad help developing coronavirus vaccine’

MNA – The VP for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari said on Monday that Iranian elites living abroad are participating in the development of coronavirus vaccine in Iran through a platform created by National Elite Foundation.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Sattari added that a group of Iranian elites living abroad are taking part in a development project of coronavirus vaccine.

As he informed, Iran is working on the production of six different types of vaccines, one of which is anti-coronavirus.

The Iranian VP added that the Iranian coronavirus vaccine is being tested on animals but not human bodies.

On July 9, the Chancellor of Iran University of Medical Sciences said that the initial laboratory phase of the coronavirus vaccine was performed and its human test and injection will be performed within the next 2 months from the time.

If these steps are successful, the vaccine will be mass-produced.

Previously, Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki announced that Iran has taken good steps in making the COVID-19 vaccine, mentioning that the animal model of this vaccine has been tested by our scientists successfully.