Iran army cmdr.: Joint aerial drills discussed with Pakistani air force chief

Stronger army can foil enemies’ plots, excessive demands

MNA – Iranian Army Commander said that stronger and more capable army which is equipped with high capability in scientific terms can guarantee security of country in the face of enemies’ excessive demands.

Under such circumstances, enemies’ conspiracies waged against the country will be thwarted, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi added.

Speaking on Monday in his visit to the training camp of Imam Ali Officers’ University and Shahid Sattari University of Aviation Science and Technology in Imamzadeh Hashem, he described mission of armies ‘important and unique of its kind’.

He reiterated that stronger and more powerful army which is equipped with high scientific knowledge and technical knowhow can guarantee security of the country.

Turning to offering complete military training packages to students, Mousavi stated, “military training should be presented in the best form possible to students deservedly.”

In his visit to a healthcare and treatment center, he expressed his satisfaction with the fully observing health guidelines regarding prevention of outbreak of coronavirus, COVID-19, by concerned officials of this medical center.