Lebanon says to sue US over harassment of Iranian airliner

Tasnim – Beirut is going to lodge a complaint at international institutions and organizations after two US fighter jets harassed a Lebanon-bound Iranian civilian aircraft over Syria’s airspace, Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan said.

On Saturday, Hasan denounced the incident as a “criminal intimidation” and a shameful act for Americans, stating that Lebanon will soon announce its official position over the matter.

He noted that his ministry, on behalf of the passengers of Mahan Air’s Flight 1152, will sue Washington over mental and physical threats posed to passengers, Press TV reported.

The Iranian aircraft had taken off from the capital Tehran and was en route to the Lebanese capital Beirut when US warplanes conducted aggressive maneuvers and came dangerously close to the plane over Syria’s al-Tanf region on Thursday night. The maneuvering caused injuries among the passengers.

The Lebanese health minister went on to say that international criminal courts have a responsibility to look into such threats in accordance with international law, which stipulates the safety and protection of the lives of passengers.

“While the earth is facing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the sky is suffering from an evil disease to which we must respond firmly,” Hasan commented.

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