IFRC lauds opening financial channel for Iran

IRNA – President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Francesco Rocca in a message lauded opening a financial channel for Iran’s Red Crescent.

“Very good news! We @ifrc and @Iranian_RCS will be able to reach more vulnerable people in #Iran,” Francesco Rocca wrote on his Twitter account in response to IFRC Middle East and North Africa message in which it announced: “Financial Channel Opens for #Iran #RedCrescent to Receive International Humanitarian Contributions.”

Earlier, Head of Iranian Red Crescent Society Karim Hemmati announced the launch of a financial channel for the transfer of international humanitarian aid to Iran.

In a meeting with Managing Director of IRNA Mohammad Reza Norouzpour, he added that during the meetings with influential European ambassadors in Tehran, it was agreed that there should be a secure financial channel for the Red Crescent that can benefit from the financial benefits the others provide to the Red Crescent.

After the Red Crescent corresponded with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, he had correspondence with the US Treasury and Diplomacy Division, and fortunately, with the follow-up of the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the efforts of the Red Cross, the US finally surrendered and a few days ago, correspondence was made by the US Treasury Department, according to which an opportunity will emerge in the discussion of the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Iranian Red Crescent Society, Hemmati said.

He further noted that according to these correspondences, if assistance is provided to the Iranian Red Crescent Society by individuals or legal entities, provided that one of the parties should not be American, the US Treasury Department will not object to sending it.

As part of this decision, in the past few days, sections of the aid that had been reserved for the Red Crescent and could not be transferred to Iran for several years entered the country, he said.

“We should try to use this channel properly for the issues of medicine, food, and other facilities that the Red Crescent needs, and with the consultations that are taking place, we can solve some of the country’s problems in this way.”