COVID-19 in Iran

Iranian researchers produce antivirus hospital clothing

MNA – Iranian researchers in a knowledge-based company designed and produced isolated antivirus hospital clothing, applicable in the fight against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in particular.

This waterproof product has been produced for medical staff to protect them against viruses according to the health protocols as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Iranian researchers designed and produced this antivirus isolated hospital clothing within the framework of “Corona Innovation Challenge”.

“Corona Innovation Challenge” was of the salient measures taken by Basij Mostazafin (volunteer forces) Organization and more than 40 supporters in line with confronting the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

In this challenge, it was tried to identify effective solutions in line with reducing damages caused by COVID-19 or adopt strategies in battling coronavirus using collective intelligence and collecting ideas as well as innovative products and services.

Hamid Sagharichian one of innovators of this knowledge-based company, who participated in the Coronavirus Challenge” in an interview with FNA said, “we have succeeded in designing and producing ‘coverall’ clothing which is an isolated type of clothing that can be used by media staff of hospitals to protect themselves against viruses.”

He went on to say that this clothing has been produced according to the health protocols of the World Health Organization and is waterproof and also has a special stitching.