Iran produces 6.5 million masks a day

IRNA – According to the deputy minister of industry, mines and trade, Iran is now producing 6.5 million 3-layered and N95 masks a day.

Mehdi Sadeqi-Niaraki told IRNA that the until recently the overproduction of N95 was exported but, now, export of masks has been banned.

Sadeqi-Niaraki said that there is no shortage in production of alcohol, nursing protective gowns, disinfectants, and different kinds of detergent inside the country.

He said since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, production of masks has increased by 3000%.

Only 200,000 masks were produced then, which has reached 6.5 million. If the production by volunteers, people, and the Armed Forces are added to the number, it will be much bigger than what is now.

The deputy minister added that now that wearing masks in crowded public places is mandatory, exporting the N95 masks is banned.