Global Arrogance using intl. institutes to pursue its aims

MNA – Iran Parliament’s First Deputy Speaker noted that the Global Arrogance uses human rights and international organizations to pursue its own aims.

Amirhossein Ghazizadeh made the remarks before the start of the open session of the Parliament on Sunday as the country marks the anniversary of massacring people who had gathered in Goharshad Mosque to protest the decree of Reza Shah Pahlavi’s on banning hijab back in 1936.

“The Iranian nation, in its historic Revolution, has shown that it attaches no value to what the domination system pursues, rather, it seeks to preserve its own religious and cultural identity,” the MP said.

Today is the anniversary of a day when the Iranian nation rose to defend the Muslim women’s modesty and identity and to confront the Western pleasure-seeking approach, he added.

“The people of this country were willing to die for this cause but not to succumb to the culture of nudity,” he said, adding, “The Global Arrogance, its allies, and tyrannical regimes seek to impose their evil demands to humans with the pretext of democracy and they use the so-called legal and human rights tools and international organization and institutes to pursue this aim.”