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Vaezi: Foreign media conducting sabotage against Iran-China ties

IRNA – Head of Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi described Iran-China document as a usual agreement between the two countries, saying foreign media started sabotaging relations between Tehran and Beijing.

Elaborating on Iran-China 25-year-old agreement, Vaezi said it is a usual document signed aiming to strengthen relations.

The government has always been committed to approving whatever is necessary and also whatever is related to parliament, he said, adding that there is no secret.

Referring to confusion caused by social media for people, he said the propaganda is supported from outside the country.

Iranian constitution and regulatory bodies will spare no efforts for clarifying the issues, he noted.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting between heads of three branches of power, Vaezi said the goal has always been outside the country to create a rift between people and officials.

Earlier on Tuesday, Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiee said some of these suspicions are a real question of public opinion and respectable.

“We do not have a secret issue with the people that need to be answered, and it is the suspicions that have been formed in the minds of the elites and the people,” he added.

Rabiee said that the idea of a cooperation agreement with China has been gradually announced since its inception, adding, “We announced to the public when the Chinese government responded to the Iranian draft, and even when it said it was ready to negotiate.”

The government spokesman noted that the final talks are underway to reach an agreement with China, adding that the final agreement will be announced at any time.

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