Russian diplomat regards coronavirus as opportunity of expanding ties with Iran

IRNA – The Russian Consul General in Isfahan said on Monday that medical issues, especially with the focus on Covid-19 is a good opportunity for boosting Russian ties with Iran.

“There is no doubt that the research, experiences, treatment strategies and decisions that are on the way to deal with coronavirus can be shared between Isfahan and Russian scientific centers,” said Russian Consul General in Isfahan Boris Burmistrov in a meeting with the head of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

“At the same time, we are ready to expand our ties with Isfahan in other sectors which will lead to the expansion of Iran-Russia relations.”

Director of international relations of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Hamid Mir Mohammad Sadeghi said that there are good platforms on which we can see the expansion of relations between the two countries and Isfahan university is ready to cooperate more with Russia on scientific research.

Emphasizing that Isfahan and St. Petersburg, Russia, have a memorandum of understanding to improve their relations, he said that the issue can be extended to other scientific centers and other fields as well.