Gov’t spokesman urges int’l community to react to Israel’s dangerous rhetoric

IRNA – Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiee said on Tuesday that the production of deconstructive rhetoric in the field of the nuclear facilities is a step forward to the redlines of world peace and security.

Rabiee called on the international community to react to the dangerous rhetoric and acts taken by the Zionist regime’s media.

He added that the appropriate response will be provided by Iran in any kind of interference or action that has been taken.

Rabiee said that the Supreme National Security Council will provide the final conclusion about this incident.

Referring to the concerns about the complete destruction of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) during this incident, he said: “It has already been announced to all parties and all our partners in the JCPOA, the United States and members of the UN Security Council are confident in our seriousness in retaliation.”

It is hopeful that all countries remaining in JCPOA, along with the members of the UN Security Council, agreed at the recent meeting of the Security Council on the importance of JCPOA and opposed the US plans.

Responding to IRNA’s remarks about the US anti-Iranian efforts and their threat to prevent the lifting of Iran’s arms embargo through the Security Council, the government spokesman said that “If they want to violate the lifting of arms sanctions, it will be a clear and unforgivable violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231”.

Emphasizing that adherence to the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 cannot be an option, Rabiee called on all countries, including Europeans, to stand up to the US’ will to restore the law of the jungle.

He further noted that if the United States succeeds in its efforts, no country will be safe from the devastating consequences and destruction of the law rules in the world.

Thus, full commitment to Resolution 2231 is a major test in defense of a common global civilization and could be a turning point for the future of global interactions.

According to the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, the import or export of the weapons to Iran has been restricted to obtaining a previous license for five years, and this restriction should automatically expire in October 2020 from the beginning of the sixth year of the JCPOA. This is one of the explicit provisions of this resolution, which must be fully implemented, Rabiee underlined.

Referring to the position of the three European countries at the recent Security Council meeting, he said that “we hope there is no need for further warnings on this issue because we are either committed or not committed to the resolution 2231”.

“We expect the Europeans not to continue this policy. By doing so, they jeopardize JCPOA and international peace, and further undermine Europe’s credibility as an independent actor that could be a system of power in the world,” he noted.

The government spokesman said that the policy of consolation from America is a failed policy.

He went on to say that all Europeans know that the policy of appeasing the United States is a failed policy because it has no limits.

He pointed out that “any initiative that violates the commitments of the parties to the UN Security Council will have the same consequences. We think that no one but the enemies and oppositions of diplomacy benefits from the multilateralism in international relations.”