Speaker: Iran won’t let IAEA serve espionage purposes

Tasnim – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said the lawmakers will never allow the UN nuclear watchdog to help the espionage objectives of the enemies against the Islamic Republic.

Addressing a Sunday session of the Parliament, Qalibaf reminded the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Board of Governors that the Iranian Parliament will not allow the UN nuclear agency to have a free hand to do as it pleases.

The IAEA will not be permitted to do whatever it wants without limitations or to seek to serve the intelligence and espionage objectives of the hostile countries, he added.

“We will stand seriously against such excessive demands of the IAEA,” Qalibaf stressed.

The Parliament speaker also called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry to implement the decisions to reduce the country’s commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal, and at the same time keep working in cooperation with the IAEA within the framework of commitments.

In a statement in June, Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed as unconstructive and irresponsible a recent resolution that the IAEA Board of Governors has adopted on Iran.

“The move by certain governments, above all by the US, to overplay the IAEA’s requests –while the basis and principle of such requests from the IAEA are open to question- amounts to brazen attempts to create a new crisis in the way of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said.

It came after the IAEA Board of Governors adopted a resolution calling on Iran to fully cooperate with the IAEA in implementing its NPT Safeguards Agreement and Additional Protocol and satisfy the IAEA’s requests without further delay.

The resolution, submitted by France, Germany and the UK, was adopted by a vote of 25 to 2 with 7 abstentions.