MPs start process of questioning Rouhani for eco. situation

MNA – The text of questioning Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the main reasons behind irregularities and turmoil in FOREX, car and housing markets was released on five pivots.

A number of legislators in the Iranian Parliament have drafted a question for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani which is going to be submitted to the Parliament’s Presiding Board.

According to the Articles 210 and 211 of the Rule of Procedure of the Parliament, whenever 75 members of the Parliament sign the draft of questioning President, the question is being asked from the president. So far, more than 100 members of the Parliament have signed and sealed the motion.

Considering the provisions of Article 88 of the Constitution and by virtue of Articles 210 and 211 of the Rule of Procedure of the Parliament, hereby, questions of the parliamentarians will be presented to Mr. Hassan Rouhani President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for investigating process, referring to the Specialized Committee and also raising the question at the Parliament’s open session at the earliest possible opportunity.

1- Why and for what reason the price of foreign currencies is increasing rapidly and also the value of the national currency is depreciating?

2- What is the main reason behind the disrupting and staggering situation of housing and car markets and also skyrocketing inflation of several hundred percents in the housing market? Why hasn’t the government taken any serious action in the past seven years to provide housing for people, control prices and increase the quality of cars?

3- In which part of JCPOA you (Rouhani administration) have made a strategic mistake that the United States withdrew from Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal without paying the least cost and following, Europe called on Iran to live up to its commitments boldly without living up to its commitments?

4- It was agreed that the government would offer loans to the industrial and production units hit hard by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. But all sectors are complaining about this issue. What salient measures have been taken by the government in this respect?

5- The governmental exchange rate of 4,200 tomans was announced as of the beginning of the current year (started March 21, 2020). How many dollars with the exchange rate of 4,200 tomans (equivalent to each dollar) has been paid up to the present time? Who has been given the governmental exchange rate? what happened to these dollars and what effect did it have on controlling inflation?