SCI: Inflation gap among income deciles reaches 4.2%

Financial Tribune – The average annual inflation gap measured by the Statistical Center of Iran among income deciles stood at 4.2% in the third Iranian month (May 21-June 20), indicating a 0.3 percentage point increase compared with the previous month.

The inflation gap in “food, beverages and tobacco” group among income deciles decreased by 0.8 percentage point and that of “non-food and services” group dropped by 0.4 percentage point month-on-month.

The average goods and services Consumer Price Index in the 12-month period ending June 20 increased by 25.8% for the first decile (those with the lowest income) while it grew 30% for the 10th decile (those with the highest income).

Average inflation rates grew by 26.5% for the second decile compared with last year’s corresponding period; 26.7% for the third decile; 26.9% for the fourth decile; 27.1% for the fifth decile; 27.3% for the sixth decile; 27.7% for seventh decile; 28% for eighth decile and 28.7% for the ninth decile.