Kalantari says DoE lacks clout to take on polluting carmakers

Financial Tribune – The pattern of procrastination by automakers and the influence of their strong lobbies notwithstanding, the Department of Environment insists on its stance that car companies must start making advanced engines compliant with Euro 5 emissions standards, the DoE head said.

“We are resolute in not wanting to issue licenses for manufacturing poor quality vehicles with Euro 4 emissions standards. However, the DoE does not have the liberty to proceed in its own way because the country is under US sanctions and tough decisions can adversely affect the job market,” Isa Kalantari was quoted as saying by ISNA.

It is indeed regrettable, Kalantari said, that DoE choices are “not between good and the bad but between bad and worse.” In a rare admission he admitted that taking on automakers is difficult not only due to their strong connections but also because of the US restrictions that have curtailed access to materials and modern technology for the huge but appallingly dysfunctional auto sector.