Central Bank of Iran revisits supply of money

Financial Tribune – The Central Bank of Iran said in a report that broad money supply reached 24,721.5 trillion rials ($137 billion) when the fiscal year ended in the third week of March.

Broad money grew by 5,893.5 trillion rials ($32.7 billion) during the year, indicating 31.3% hike and one of the highest in the past five decades.

CBI’s report includes the entire money stock circulating in the economy plus quasi money.

It said the share of money in the financial system was 4,273 trillion rials ($23.7 billion) by March 19, indicating 49.8% annual growth.

Likewise, the value of quasi-money amounted to 20,448.5 trillion rials ($113.6 billion) to post 28% rise year-on-year.