Afghan child receives liver transplant in Iran

Tasnim – Surgeons in the Iranian capital of Tehran have given a new liver to an Afghan child, a report said.

The three-year-old child underwent an emergency transplant surgery following an acute liver failure at the Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex (IKHC) in the Iranian capital, Tehran, last Saturday, Press TV reported.

The Pediatric Medical Center of the IKHC said the liver was donated with the permission of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education on behalf of an Iranian child that suffered brain death.

“The Afghan child spent much of his… life in hospital — 2.5 years out of three years of life. Due to the urgency of the situation and his general condition, he was nominated for this transplant and the operation was performed successfully,” the Medical Center said.

So far, more than 40 pediatric liver transplants have been performed at Imam Khomeini Hospital in collaboration with the Pediatric Medical Center, and the one-year survival rate for these patients stands at 88 percent.

Liver transplantation in children is a very complex and advanced operation, especially at a time that the risk of the new coronavirus spread is high at medical facilities across the world.