Deputy minister: Iran able to manufacture Boeing, Airbus planes parts

FNA – Head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) and Deputy Road Minister Ali Abedzadeh announced that the country is able to design and manufacture Boeing and Airbus planes’ spare parts.

“Specialized Iranian experts have gained good success in repairing engines and have been able to repair the hot and complicated section of the engine through the application of appropriate technologies,” Abedzadeh said on Tuesday.

He added that the Boeing and Airbus refrain from repairing the damaged parts of the planes in Iran, making the country move towards developing home-grown technologies.

“We have developed the capability to design these parts and we can manufacture them and of course they have identity and are based on standards,” Abedzadeh said.

An Iranian aviation official announced in 2016 that Airbus and Boeing had granted permissions to Iran for maintenance, repair and spare parts operations of their airplanes.

“Airbus and Boeing have given the Iranian aviation industry the rights for plane maintenance and repair operations as well as manufacture of airplane spare parts,” Member of Iranian Aviation Companies Association Maqsoud Assadi Samani said.

He said that the negotiations with Airbus and Boeing authorities had been underway with satisfactory pace.