Iran’s education startups significantly grow amid Covid-19 outbreak

Trend – Educational startups have significantly grown during the Coronavirus outbreak, Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology said.

“In fact, all the businesses were confused during the Coronavirus outbreak but the educational field was quite busy,” Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said, Trend reports citing IRNA.

Sattari noted that the use of cyberspace in education should have happened 10 years ago, but with the spread of the virus, there was an opportunity to develop the infrastructure of E-education.

Vice President added that the Social Network of Students (Shad in Persian), which was developed by Iran’s Education Ministry, is a positive step in the development of E-education.

Sattari noted that the Ministry of Education, with 1.5 million staff and 15 million students, has a wide range of dimensions.

“These vast dimensions are a good economic opportunity for educational startups.”

He expressed hope that the educational startups will be further expanded.

Sattari pointed to the educational justice through the cyberspace.

“The E-education will provide the same content to students both living in rural areas and the best schools in Tehran,” he said praising the justice made by the E-education system.

In response to Iran’s coronavirus outbreak in late February, one of the government’s first actions was to close schools and universities on March 5. The prolonged shutdown has led to major challenges for students, parents and teachers.
To minimize the effect of the school closures on the education system, Iran’s Education Ministry introduced an online app, the Social Network of Students (Shad in Persian), and presents daily lessons for different grades on state TV.