Iran English language newspaper headlines on Saturday, 6-6-2020

Iran News Daily


Brutality Against Black People Shows Nature of U.S. Gov’t

Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says what’s happening in the United States today reveals the real nature of the American government.


Central Bank Urged To Unblock Assets In Foreign Banks

President Hassan Rouhani has praised the efforts of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to release part of the country’s forex resources blocked in foreign banks.


Indian Basmati Rice Consignments Stuck at Iranian Ports

India’s basmati rice consignments worth Rs 1,700 crore are stuck at Iranian ports because of issues with the country’s central bank, prompting exporters to seek government help to ensure steady payments from Tehran.


U.S. Sanctions Four Shipping Firms for Transporting Venezuelan oil

Venezuelan foreign minister warned that U.S. moves to inhibit crude exports would complicate food and medicine imports.


Russia Defends Iran Satellite Launch Against U.S. Opposition

Russia is defending Iran’s right to launch a satellite, dismissing U.S. claims that Tehran was defying the U.N. resolution endorsing the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers by sending it into space.


Iranian Cargo Vessel Behbahan Sinks in Iraqi Waters

An Iranian cargo ship en route from the southern Iranian port of Khorramshahr to Iraq’s Umm Qasr Port capsized and sank in the Iraqi waters.


Trump Uses Bible to Justify Violence Against Americans

President Hassan Rouhani has deplored his U.S. counterpart’s recent Bible photo-op outside a church amid angry anti-racism protests in American cities, saying Donald Trump is resorting to the Christianity’s holy book to justify ordering “murders and crimes” against the American people.


Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 8,134

Health Ministry spokesman says 63 patients have died of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours, increasing the overall fatalities to 8,134.


Turkey to Reopen Key Border Crossing

Iran and Turkey will see their main trade gate reopen this week after more than three months of closure due to the new coronavirus pandemic.


Iran Thanks Switzerland for Facilitating Prisoner Swap Deal With U.S.

Foreign Ministry spokesman has praised Switzerland’s role in facilitating what seems to be a prisoner exchange between Iran and the United States, in which American Navy veteran Michael Ray White and Iranian doctor Majid Taheri were freed.


Expansion of U.S., EU Bans on Syria Unlawful, Inhumane

Iran has condemned the expansion of EU and U.S. sanctions against Syria, calling it an inhumane tool that seriously endangers human rights.


Another Iranian Jailed in U.S. to Return Home

Iran has confirmed media reports that the United States has released an Iranian physician after spending over a year in jail, while calling on Washington to release all other Iranian citizens taken “hostage”.


Judiciary Chief Calls for Prosecuting U.S. for Human Rights Abuses

Amid a global outcry over the brutal death of a black man at the hands of U.S. police, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeisi says the United States must face prosecution at international courts for “systematic racism” and violations of basic human rights



Tehran Times


Iran inks 2-year agreement for exporting electricity to Iraq

Iran has signed an agreement with Iraq for exporting electricity to the country for two years, Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian, who visited the Arab neighbor on Wednesday, said.


Coronavirus: Iran preparing to reopen doors to foreign travelers

Iran’s tourism ministry has forecast that the country will start hosting foreign travelers as of mid-summer with the priority given to travelers from the neighboring countries.


Iranian students rally in solidarity with African Americans

Iranian students and rights activists gathered outside the Swiss embassy in Tehran on Wednesday to express solidarity with African Americans over the shocking killing of George Floyd at the hands of a white police.


Annual minerals export of $10.5b projected

Iranian acting minister of industry, mining and trade announced that reaching the minerals export of $10.5 billion is planned for the current Iranian calendar year (ends on March 20, 2021).


N.Korea expresses support for China’s measures in Hong Kong

North Korea’s foreign minister met with the Chinese ambassador to express support for China’s measures in Hong Kong, North Korea’s KCNA state news agency said on Friday.


Seal tangled in net recovered, returned to sea

A Caspian seal which had been caught in a fishing net around Ashuradeh, the only island of the Iranian coast of the Caspian Sea, was released back into the sea after being rehabilitated.


Tehran confirms talks with Richardson over Michael White’s release

Iran confirmed on Friday that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had discussed prisoner releases with former U.S. ambassador Bill Richardson.


Iran urges France to stop interference in its domestic affairs

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi has urged France to stop interfering in Iran’s domestic affairs.


Rouhani to Trump: Holding Bible to justify violence against Americans is ‘shameful’

President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that it is “shameful” that President Donald Trump holds Bible in his own hand to justify violence against Americans who are protesting the death of a black man by a White policeman.


Ayatollah Khamenei: Kneeling on neck is U.S. nature

A police officer put his knee on a black man’s neck and pushed until he dies, Leader of the Islamic Revolution lamented on Wednesday, noting it shows the nature of the United States’ governments.


Zarif says Trump advisors made a ‘dumb bet’ by inciting him to quit JCPOA

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s advisors, that now most of them have been dismissed, made a “dumb bet” by encouraging
him to quit the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as JCPOA.


Iran condemns new U.S. sanctions on Syria

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Friday condemned new sanctions of the United States on Syria and urged removal of them.


Zarif censures Europe’s ‘deafening silence’ on U.S. brutality against protesters

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed Europe’s “deafening silence” on the United States’ brutalities against people.


Iranian parliament condemns U.S. police ‘racial terrorism against blacks’

Members of the Iranian Parliament  (Majlis) have denounced the racist terrorism perpetrated by U.S. police against defenseless African Americans, saying they have been unable to breathe for decades and subjected to violence and discrimination.