US leaders should stand trial in int’l courts for deliberate homicide: Iran

IRNA – Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Raeesi said on Tuesday that the US leaders should stand trial before the international courts on charge of deliberate homicide and racial discrimination.

Raeesi made the remarks reacting to the cold-blood deaths on the streets of the United States in the hands of the US police.

George Floyd, an unarmed black man, has been killed recently at the hands of the US police.

Referring to the death of the black man, Raeesi said it showed the US face without mask.

There is not only the question of ignoring the rights of the black people, but also the issue of an organized racial discrimination in the United States, the Judiciary chief noted.

He also talked of behavior taken by the US administration towards the American people infected or killed by COVID-19, saying that the United States takes no notice of the basic human rights of its citizens.

The US with over 106,000 out of total 377,000 deaths due to coronavirus pandemic has stood at the first place of losing lives of its people because of the deadly virus.