Iran slams US for lecturing others despite abuse record at home

Tasnim – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned the US for lecturing other countries despite the violent treatment of its police to anti-brutality protesters.

“This is exactly what @JZarif is telling @SecPompeo. Look at the graphics. Certainly, you noticed that. But you’re so used to lecturing others, that it feels awkward to be reminded that YOU ‘should not be so arrogant as to tell Iran.’ You’re ‘on firmer ground when it comes to’ US,” Seyed Abbas Mousavi tweeted on Saturday.

The tweet was a response to an earlier one by a member of the Atlantic Council, Washington-based international affairs think tank, against Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Barbara Slavin had taken on Zarif for critiquing those within the United States and elsewhere, who “don’t think black lives matter.”

“Fix your own country first. We’ll fix ours,” Slavin told the top Iranian diplomat.

Zarif’s tweet had also incorporated a 2018 US State Department statement addressing rioting in Iran that was later found out to have been provoked by foreign, including American, services with subversive intentions. The Iranian foreign minister had ironically crossed out all references to Iran in that statement and replaced them with references to the United States to apparently indicate that Washington’s criticism of others has to be directed against itself instead.