Iran’s coverage: Iran’s new parliament views talks with US ‘harmful’: Speaker

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Iran’s new parliament speaker dismisses compromise, talks with US

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf highlighted the futility and harmfulness of negotiations with the US government, saying the Islamic Republic’s strategy entails a complete eviction of American forces from the region.

Iran berates US over police killing, slams racism

Iran took Washington to task on Saturday over the alleged killing of an unarmed black man by a white police officer that sparked protests in the United States over racial injustice.

Iran’s 5th tanker ‘Clavel’ to enter Venezuelan waters in few hours

The fifth Iranian oil tanker, ‘Clavel’, has approached the Caribbean Sea and will enter Venezuelan waters in a few hours.


America ‘source of evil’, says Ghalibaf in reaction to recent brutal killing

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf slammed the US for its long history of evil doings amid nationwide protests in the country against racism.


Gas export deals to see drastic changes after pandemic: Iran

Iranian authorities say conditions governing its long-term contracts for exports of natural gas should change to adapt to a market that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


IRGC, Army send helicopters to contain fire in Zagros mountain range

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Army have dispatched their helicopters to Zagros long mountain range in northwestern Iran to contain forest fire.

US should listen to its people, change its bankrupt policies: Foreign Ministry
Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its twitter account on Sunday wrote that the US should listen to its people and change its bankrupt policies.
Iran to export COVID-19 instant saliva test kits

An Iranian knowledge-based company is going to export a homegrown test kit that allows rapid detection of the novel coronavirus in saliva within 55 minutes.

Deputy Health Minister: 12% of outpatient coronavirus tests positive in Iran

Iranian Deputy Health Minister Alireza Rayeesi said on Sunday that test results of nearly 200,000 coronavirus outpatients have shown that 12% of people are infected with the disease.


Official: 63 more Iranians die from coronavirus over past 24 hours

Head of Iran’s Health Ministry Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Sunday that 63 more coronavirus deaths were reported over the past 24 hours in Iran, bringing the total to 7,797.