Iranian envoy says Moscow-Tehran friendship staves off external meddling

TASS – The establishment of diplomatic relations between Soviet Russia and Iran 100 years ago put an end to British colonial projects in the region, the ambassador stressed

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Soviet Russia and Iran 100 years ago put an end to British colonial projects in the region, whereas modern partnership between the two nations impedes the influence of outer factors on their relations, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali said Thursday.

“The cancellation of treaties and colonial concessions by the government that had just emerged from the Russian revolution attracted a lot of attention. Such an action reverberated in the Iranian society, creating a positive outlook, and in particular, it made the British colonial projects in Iran and the region unsuccessful,” the Iranian diplomat pointed out, remembering the events of one hundred years ago.

According to the ambassador, Moscow and Tehran effectively cooperate today.

“Iran and Russia, having overcome the ups and downs of their relations in the past, always seek to use any opportunity to establish peace, stability and friendship and stave off third factors in their relations,” he noted. “Having a reach history, the countries display strong and developed relations. The cooperation has exceeded the boundaries of bilateral relations and has reached regional and international levels. The Islamic Republic of Iran views Russia as a neighboring powerful and friendly country and is interested in further extension of relations in all fields.”

The ambassador recalled that Russia established diplomatic relations with Iran back in the 16th century, which interrupted briefly due to the 1917 revolution in Russia.

“Iran and Russia, being two civilization states, have overcome more than five centuries of diplomatic relations, relations, whose history outlasts that of many states and powers,” he pointed out. “In the twentieth century, the two countries staged anticolonial revolutions, and this is a joint experience, accumulated by the two peoples last century.”

“The 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Soviet Russia is a reminder that the Iranian government was one of the first to recognize the newly formed Soviet government as well as a reminder of friendship between the two countries and the two peoples. This also reminds one about the accent on principles that the relations of the two countries are based on: such principles as non-intervention in each other’s internal affairs, countering the Western powers’ actions in the region, and preservation of stability and security in the region,” Jalali said.

Following the 1917 revolution, the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic faced the issue of acknowledgement on the world arena. Iran was one of the first nations to establish diplomatic relations with Russia. Meanwhile, Russia abandoned all treaties on division of spheres of influence in Iran with the UK, reached before the revolution.