Gen. Soleimani predicted looming victory against Israel in letter to Palestinian cmdr.

Press TV – In a letter addressed to a Palestinian resistance leader before his martyrdom, Iran’s top anti-terror commander assured the Palestinians that victory against the US-backed Israeli regime was on the horizon, and that the Islamic Republic would never abandon the oppressed nation in its anti-occupation cause.

“By God’s grace, the dawn of the day of victory is near, and the death knell for the invasive Zionists has begun to toll,” General Soleimani had told Mohammed Deif, senior commander of Ezzedine al-Qassam, the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement.

The missive was sent to Deif some time before General Soleimani was martyred in a US drone attack in Baghdad in January, reported Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television channel that published the letter posthumously.

“Defending Palestine is an honor for us, and an obligation that we will not abandon in exchange for nothing,” the letter read.

Everyone should stay assured that Iran will not forsake Palestine no matter how much more pressure and sanctions will be put on the Islamic Republic, General Soleimani told the Palestinian leader.

Defending Palestine exemplifies defending Islam, he had noted, and warned that whoever gets to hear the Palestinians’ outcry for help and withholds assistance was not to be considered a Muslim.

“Palestine’s friends are our friends and Palestine’s enemies are our enemies. This has been and will always be our policy,” he said.

General Soleimani also wished for divine assistance in his efforts to provide support for the Palestinians and hoped that God grant his wish “for martyrdom on the path of al-Quds’ [liberation].”

The commander used to lead the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) before his martyrdom. During his military career, General Soleimani earned reputation as the Middle East’s most effective and respected anti-terror figure due to his indispensible contribution to the defeat of foreign-backed terrorists, including the Daesh group, throughout the region.

The letter was unveiled in the run-up to the International Quds Day.

Every year, millions of Muslims hold demonstrations worldwide to underscore the plight of Palestinians, heeding a call by the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, who designated the last Friday of every Ramadan after the fashion.