Iran: Only Palestinians can decide about Palestine

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry in a message on Tuesday highlighted the international community’s failure to resolve the question of Palestinian territories, saying that only Palestinians can decide about fate of Palestine.

“For seven decades, the international community failed to solve the question of Palestinian Territories since the plans proposed never corresponded with its historical facts and roots,” Iranian Foreign Ministry wrote in its Twitter account.

“Iran believes that only Palestinians whether Muslim, Christian or Jew with a national referendum can and should decide for Palestinian Territories.”

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Iran has always stressed the Palestinians are the ones who have the right to choose and the Islamic Republic will accept whichever path the people of Palestine opt for.

“we accept that the Palestinians should make the final decision and their final decision should be respected by everyone,” he said.

Unfortunately, in the course of the past years – particularly in recent years – not only has the Arab world adopted a passive outlook towards the Zionist regime and towards the US, but, they have also allied themselves with the Zionists against the Islamic country of Palestine.

This course of action has pushed them into a delicate situation. That is why the Americans have reached the conclusion that they can unveil their plan.

However, until a few years ago, the Americans were not in the same position; they did not even think of turning the issue of Palestine into a real estate business and sacrificing all the desires, dreams and essential rights of the people of Palestine for the sake of their own construction projects.