Iran to provide harsh response to any military escapade by US, ambassador to Russia warns

Sputnik – Iran will provide a harsh response to any military escapade that US President Donald Trump may resort to, Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali has said in an interview, commenting on Trump’s veto of a congressional resolution limiting his ability to conduct military operations against Iran without congressional approval.

“Trump’s actions related to the veto may have two aims. First, this comes in the context of disagreements between political parties in the United States, and of the attempt to secure victory in the upcoming election. Secondly, the US is likely primed for a military conflict with Iran. We hope that Trump’s actions are not motivated by the second goal, as Iran will provide a harsh response to any military escapade by the US,” Jalali said.

On 7 May, Trump vetoed the resolution, requiring that any military action against Iran must be explicitly authorized by a declaration of war or a specific authorization for use of military force. However, the US Senate failed to get the majority of votes needed to override the veto.

Moreover, Trump said the Iran war powers resolution would hurt his ability to protect the United States and its allies, adding that the US president must be able to take swift action after anticipating an adversaries next move.

In 2018, the United States withdrew from the JCPOA and imposed comprehensive sanctions on Iran tailored to bring the country’s oil exports to zero. In response, Iran also discontinued its voluntary commitments under the nuclear agreement.

Iran Has Offers on Arms Deliveries, Plans Steps After Embargo Lift 

Iran has already received several countries’ offers on military equipment deliveries and plans to implement certain steps after the arms embargo is lifted this fall, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali said.

He recalled that the United Nations Security Council’s arms embargo was expiring this fall.

“Ensuring its defenсe needs is Iran’s legitimate right, and when the restrictions are lifted, necessary steps will be made. Up to date, Iran has received offers on deliveries of military equipment and defensive armament, but the existing restrictions hindered deals in this area,” Jalali said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has pledged that the country will do everything possible to extend the United Nations’ arms embargo and prevent Iran from purchasing military equipment from Russia and China. However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has stressed that the arms embargo cannot be extended beyond the date when it expires after five years.