Iran receiving orders for COVID-19 test kits from 8 countries: Official

Press TV – Iranian test kits used to determine the rate of immunity against the new coronavirus are becoming increasingly popular as several more countries are placing bulk orders for the diagnostic tools, says a senior Iranian official.

Mehdi Qalenoei, a deputy head of the Iranian presidency’s office for scientific affairs, said on Sunday that Iranian companies are set to export serological test kits to eight more countries after a first successful shipment was made to Germany earlier this week.

Qalenoei said export of two types of coroanvirus test kits to the Philippines and Pakistan was waiting for approval from the local authorities after Iranian companies supplying the diagnostic tools sent sample kits to laboratories in those countries.

He said exports to India, Nigeria and Armenia will begin once travel restrictions over the new coronavirus are eased.

The official said Qatar, Georgia and Syria will soon be included in the list of export destination for the Iranian test kits.

The announcement comes several days after Iran sent a first batch of serological test kits to Germany, a country where authorities are trying to deploy the tests on a massive scale to detect the rate of immunity against COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Iranian authorities say exports of diagnostic applications from Iran to other countries is a sign of success for home-grown efforts to fight the pandemic.

Iran has been hailed for its robust response to the disease as many governments and organizations keep criticizing the United States for refusing to lift its sanctions to allow the country access medical supplies and vital equipment needed to confront the virus.