Fajr International Film Festival postponed to 2021

ISNA – The Fajr International Film Festival has been postponed to 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic.

“The Fajr International Film Festival slated to take place in April, however, amid the growing concern over the new virus during March, the organizers postponed it to a later time in June. It seemed that it was possible to organize the festival during June, but the virus outbreak was so extensive that some international festivals scheduled for spring and summer this year, were canceled,” the festival’s president, Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur announced.

“At present, although it is possible to organize the festival semi-online as the initial arrangements, due to the fact that it is impossible for guests from around the world to attend the festival, the 2020 edition is canceled and preliminary arrangements for organizing the 2021 festival start from now,” he added.