Using full name of “Persian Gulf” in UN documents mandatory: Envoy

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador in UK Hamid Baeidinejad released a document from the UN Secretariat on National Day of Persian Gulf (April 29), stressing the need for using full name of the Persian Gulf in UN’s documents, publications and statements.

“The term ‘Persian Gulf” is used in documents, publications and statements emanating from the (UN) Secretariat as the standard geographical designation for the sea area between the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The full term “Persian Gulf” is always used to designate that sea area when it is first referred to in a text and is repeated thereafter whenever necessary for the sake of clarity,” the Iranian ambassador to the UK tweeted late on Wednesday.

According to the instructions of the UN Secretariat on May 14, 1999, the name of the waterway between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is “Persian Gulf” and it is necessary to use the full name of the Persian Gulf in the documents and publications of the United Nations, he said.

In another document dated 18 August 1994, the United Nations stressed that the full term “Persian Gulf” should be used in all cases instead of the shorter term “Gulf”. Even if the phrase is repeated, the full phrase must be inserted (Persian Gulf), Baeidinejad said.

Iranians mark the National Day of Persian Gulf, which is the anniversary of the victory over troops of the then colonialist Portugal, in an armed conflict in the Persian Gulf in 1622.

The occasion commemorates the exit of colonial and foreign forces from the strategic waterway.

Tenth of Iranian month of Ordibehesht (April 30) marks the anniversary of Shah Abbas I of Persia’s successful military campaign when the Portuguese navy was forced out of the Strait of Hormuz, which was occupied by the then colonialist Portugal.

The Portuguese made a fortress on Hormuz Island and had full control of the trade between India and Europe passing through the Persian Gulf for more than 100 years.