COVID-19 cases, hospital admissions dwindling in Iran: President

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the number of people contracting the novel coronavirus or being admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19 infection is on the decline across the country.

Statistics show that the number of people infected with the coronavirus and the positive cases being admitted to the hospital in Iran is decreasing, Rouhani said at a meeting on Thursday, held to unveil a number of energy and agricultural projects in the western province of Ilam.

The president said he has been asked by many world leaders in recent telephone conversations whether Iran has adequate hospital beds and nurses to deal with the pandemic.

“These (equipment and health staff) are important under the current circumstances. We do have such conditions in the country,” Rouhani added.

The bulk of hospital beds in Iran that have been allocated to coronavirus patients are unoccupied, the president noted.

The world is still unclear about how the conditions under the coronavirus outbreak will be, he said, but emphasized that the Iranian administration is doing its utmost to improve the health and employment situation in the country.

“It is important for us to protect the jobs, morale and health of people under the coronavirus conditions,” the president underlined.

Iran’s Health Ministry said on Wednesday that more than 73,000 coronavirus patients in the country have fully recovered from the disease and have been discharged from the hospital.

The coronavirus death toll in Iran has surpassed 5,900.

More than 3,220,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 globally, and the death toll has exceeded 228,000.